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Zeiss 100 Years

Neglected vision

Are you overlooking a chance for better vision?

An international study undertaken by Carl Zeiss in 5 countries with 5046 consumers showed that between 55 and 75% of people in Europe have their vision screened every 3+ years.

Thus, numerous spectacle wearers are wearing spectacles that do not have an up-to-date prescription and some people who really need spectacles are not wearing them at all. For many patients this means that they are neglecting their vision, and they are not using their eyes efficiently. But better vision is possible.

Carl Zeiss has made the motto “Better Vision” its own. In 1912 Carl Zeiss brought the first ZEISS precision spectacle lens, PUNKTAL®, to the market. The newly founded department “Opto” was established on its many years of experience in the optic and opto-electronics industries. Carl Zeiss itself was founded in 1846. And that’s not all: with point-focal imagery ZEISS revolutionised the spectacle lens market. Today we are pleased to be celebrating “100 years of better vision” with ZEISS and we invite you to make an appointment and visit our practice. Take advantage of this opportunity and experience a “better vision” moment for yourself.

From 1912 until today: better vision with ZEISS precision spectacle lenses – thanks to work of the highest precision
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